Martin, Dolphins working toward offseason trade

Offensive tackle Jonathan Martin’s interview on NBC with Tony Dungy on Tuesday night is part of a progressive plan to help him return to the NFL, although not with the Miami Dolphins. Despite the fact the team recently hired Dennis Hickey as general manager, Martin is still not expected to return to the team.

At the same time, Martin has no plans to sue the team or seek any other action. Instead, Martin wants to work with the team so that he can be traded to a team with earnest interest in him. The Dolphins can’t trade Martin until after the beginning of the 2014 league year in March.

While Martin is not expected to get a lot in return for the Dolphins, two general managers said last week at the Senior Bowl that Martin would probably worth something.

“You can play the game with them a little that they’re probably going to have to cut him if they can't trade him, but then he goes through waivers and you have to compete with other teams in that process. If you trade for him, you get him on a decent contract,” one general manager said.

More importantly, both GMs said that Martin has value because he is an offensive tackle and possesses rare physical traits.

“He’s not a great player, but there aren’t many people who can play the position. Unless something else comes out that we don’t know about, he’s going to be playing next season,” the GM said.

A report compiled by attorney Ted Wells about the incident between Martin and former teammate Richie Incognito is expected to be released after the Super Bowl.

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