McNabb says he would have gone to Black Hole

At first, Donovan McNabb bellowed with laughter.

Then, he proceeded to say that, yes, he would have gone to the Black Hole. Whether he would have taken a week to get there a la Richard Seymour, we’ll never have to find out. The bottom line is that McNabb wasn’t shipped to the NFL’s version of Siberia. Instead he gets a front-row seat for another soap opera, the one where the Washington Redskins look for a way to unload Albert Haynesworth after paying him $32 million for one season. (And you thought Javon Walker was a bad free-agent move!)

McNabb, visiting with the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN radio said he never threatened to retire if he was shipped off to Oakland by the Philadelphia Eagles, with the transcript done by Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times.

“This is the problem with some of these so-called key analysts and these smart guys out there who go by `sources.’ So many people listen to different sources `close to’ the individual, but never the individual, saying that I would have not showed up in Oakland, I would have been upset,” McNabb said. “Hey, with my name always being in the media all the time because of trade talk, I’m just happy that it’s over. I don’t mind being on ESPN if it’s something positive for my play, not for where I’m going to land next. A lot of it was blown way out of proportion.”

McDonald goes on to point out that the Raiders are trying to get younger, not older. Maybe that policy didn’t apply when the team traded for Seymour before the start of this past season, but the bottom line is Oakland clearly didn’t have an offer on the table for McNabb. Had the Eagles been offered something by the Raiders – even if it was less than the Redskins’ offer – surely Andy Reid would have preferred to have never seen McNabb again. The Eagles clearly would have taken less in a deal from Oakland to avoid having to trade their quarterback to a division rival with a real need at the position.

And, of course, McNabb isn’t going to make it look like he forced the Eagles’ hand and there were teams he was refusing to play for in the NFL. Perhaps it will work for everyone, well, everyone but JaMarcus Russell.

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