Mediation resumes in Minnesota today

After about a month-long break, mediation resumes today in Minnesota between the NFL owners and players.

Chances of it leading anywhere remain mighty remote as both sides wait for the slow moving 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to conduct its hearing on June 3.

The owners and players are entrenched such at this point that both sides are holding out for a victory in court that would provide substantial leverage in the labor showdown. The same 8th Circuit Court has yet to have anything to say since issuing a temporary stay after U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson temporarily lifted the lockout last month.

The mediation will be under the direction of Judge Arthur Boylan. The sides met in Minnesota for four days in April. While face-to-face meetings cannot hurt, how anyone expects anything substantive to be accomplished is a mystery to us. John Mara, Mike Brown, Art Rooney and Jerry Richardson will reportedly represent ownership.

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