Mike McCarthy calls Ndamukong Suh's step on Aaron Rodgers 'ridiculous'

What we know: Lions nose tackle Ndamukong Suh stepped on Aaron Rodgers' injured left calf during Green Bay's 30-20 victory over Detroit.

What we don't know: Was the act intentional?

That's something only Suh knows, though his track record could prevent folks from giving him the benefit of the doubt in this instance. Suh does appear to look at Rodgers, down on the ground after throwing a pass, before taking a step backward on to his affected calf. Judge for yourself by watching th clip.

What Suh did wasn't a vicious stomp. But given his history, Suh very well could have done his part to try and hide his intent by making it seem more innocent than it was.

One thing's for sure, regardless of what it looked like, Packers coach Mike McCarthy wasn't pleased to find out Suh was stepping on his quarterback's injured calf.

"I didn't see it live, I didn't see it on the (scoreboard), but from what I'm told, I'm told it was ridiculous," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said, via The Detroit Free Press. "There's no place for that. That's where I'm at with it. I don't understand it, frankly."

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