More speculation regarding Manning

The Peyton Manning saga continues to play out as high drama, with an Indianapolis radio station host saying sources had told him that the Colts quarterback had already had another procedure on his neck and would miss the season.

Jake Query of WNDE made that declaration Wednedsay on Twitter, which has not been confirmed, just days after another radio station host, John Michael Vincent of ESPN 1070, said the quarterback needed another neck surgery – a report that also has yet to be substantiated.

However, on Wednesday night, Sports Illustrated's Peter King indicated via Twitter that a source had told him that Manning was “investigating options” regarding his condition, but that no additional surgical procedure had happened yet.

With all the Twitter reports and rumors floating around, it may take awhile for the whole truth to be separated from the speculation and rumors regarding the quarterback's exact condition and status for the 2011 season.

Which begs the question, what did we all do before Twitter? Oh, yeah, we reported the facts in a timely and complete manner.

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