Newest Redskin Jammal Brown criticizes Albert Haynesworth

We continually try to remind ourselves that nothing in the NFL should ever come as a surprise.

We reminded ourselves that just now after stumbling across Dan Steinberg’s blog in the Washington Post this morning where he uncovers quotes from the newest Redskin, Jammal Brown, criticizing the highest-paid Redskin, Albert Haynesworth.

This right here is how you know that Haynesworth is going to face a credibility problem in the Washington Redskins locker room. Typically, as in 99.9 percent of the time, players leave other players’ money issues alone. That’s a taboo subject. One that no one will visit. Players root for other players to be paid with the hope that they’ll get theirs one day soon. It’s the trickle-down effect they all root for inside the locker room.

But more and more, players are making reference to what the Redskins have paid Haynesworth. That is where a big, big problem is emerging for Haynesworth and the organization.

“I can only speak for myself, but I'll you this: y'all give me $100 million, man, I'm gonna be at everything," Brown said in an appearance on former Redskin Lavar Arrington’s show on 106.7 FM The Fan. “They ain't gonna have to ask me to come to nothing. I'll play whatever position you want me to play. And that's just personally for me, because it shows that the Redskins put a lot into that, and, you know, you can bend a little bit.

“And personally, on my behalf, you give me that type of money, I'm doing whatever you ask me to do, show up at voluntary workouts no matter what. I'm there, you know what I'm saying? And that's just coming from my … I don't know Albert. He has his own situation, I'm sure he's gonna handle it how he handle it. But me personally? Man, I'll be wherever they ask me to be.”

In fairness to Haynesworth, he hasn't received $100 million. But he has pocketed $32 million in just moe than a year. So the plot thickens for Haynesworth and the Redskins, who have a month or so to come up with a creative – make that very creative – way to solve this prickly situation.

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