NFL looks to chuck the Tuck

The Tuck Rule may soon be a thing of the past in the NFL.

Its most famous application came in the 2001 playoffs when a Tom Brady fumble against the Oakland Raiders was reversed because of the rule.

It is odd that the elimination of the controversial rule would come more than a decade after the Raiders' complaints but it appears that the NFL's Competition Committee is now poised to to just that. Recommendations for that and other rules will be taken up at next week's owners meetings.

The league is also prepared to adjust the silly rule that voids a replay opportunity if a coach throws a challenge flag on a play that was going to be reviewed anyway. This will eliminate what happened to the Detroit Lions against Houston on Thanksgiving when an obvious missed call could not be reviewed because Lions coach Jim Schwartz threw the red flag. That allowed the Texans to keep a TD that would have been reversed.

Other potential changes include:

*Allowing tight ends to wear numbers in the 40s.

*Assessing an unncessary roughness penalty to ball-carriers or defenders who lower their heads to gain yards or to make a tackle.

*Eliminating the “peel-back block” inside the tackle box

*Overloading one side of the defensive line during a PAT or field-goal try.

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