NFL Prospect Focus: Jon Halapio and Seantrel Henderson

Jon Halapio – Guard – Florida
Size – 6034 – 323 – 5.34

Strong Points – Highly respected team leader, tough, played with painful pectoral injury, strength, run block

Weak Points – Marginal overall athleticism, can have trouble playing in space, has trouble with athletic pass rushers

Summation – Jon is a fifth-year senior and has been a starter at right guard since midway through his redshirt freshman year. He missed two games in 2013 with a pectoral tear and played much of the year with the injury.

Halapio is naturally strong but not explosive. He is an average athlete for the position. His lack of top speed and agility were evident at the combine. He ran the 40 in 5.34, his three-cone and short shuttle were very average (8.26, 4.83), and he showed no explosion with his jumps (21.5’. 8’4”).

He is best as a run blocker with his opponent head-up or in the gap. He has good initial quickness, and he is able to gain movement with his strength and power. He stays low and keeps his legs moving on contact. He is a physical run blocker who consistently looks to finish. He can struggle trying to get to the second level because of his lack of top quickness. On pulls, he is more effective on the shorter pulls, as he lacks the speed to consistently get to blocks on the perimeter.

In the pass game, he sets with good quickness and has a good punch. He has adequate feet to mirror through moves and can have trouble with athletic defensive linemen. He has bend and does a good job with the bull rush. He is an alert player and does a good job with stunts and blitzes.

It’s hard giving this player a fair grade because he was playing injured. While he has athletic limitations, he is a strong and tough competitor. He may be best off at center where he can be very effective versus the bigger nose tackles in the league. Despite his limitations, there are a lot of players like this starting in the league, and I see Jon as an eventual starter at guard or center.

Grade – B 6.5x

Seantrel Henderson – Tackle – Miami
Size – 6071 – 331 – 5.04

Strengths – Size, flashes as a run blocker and pass blocker, natural strength

Weak Points – Has had three suspensions while at Florida, very questionable football character, average athlete, not good in space, awareness, late off the ball, has had a back surgery

Summation – Seantrel is a fourth-year senior from Minneapolis. Coming out of high school, he was a five-star recruit who was one of the most highly recruited players in his class. He enrolled at Miami in the summer of 2010.

While he has had starts in each of his four seasons, he has never been the full-time starter for Miami. He has great size at 6071 – 331 with long arms. He is what you want an offensive tackle to look like. He has never been a top worker, and I feel that has affected his overall athleticism.

He has straight line speed (5.04 at the combine), but his lateral agility and change of direction is average. While naturally strong, he is not explosive and this was shown by his poor jumps at the combine (24” VJ, 7’11” LJ).

He plays at right tackle and lacks good snap reaction. On tape, he is often the last guy off the ball. There are times in the run game where he can look good. He can come off low, keep his feet moving on contact, and generate movement. There are also times when he makes contact and falls off the block. This is the same when blocking at the second level. One play, he can take a good angle, adjust and make a solid block, and on another, he will look slow and non-athletic in space and whiff on the block.

In pass protection, I see the same thing. On some plays, he shows a strong punch, plays with bend, anchors, and mirrors. On others, he shows no hustle, is slow to move his feet, and over extends. From play to play, you never know what you are going to get.

This player is an enigma. I question if he really loves the game and wants to be a top player. There is no reason to believe that his questionable behavior will not carry over to the next level. While he is talented, he can’t be trusted. My grade reflects his talent, not where I think he will be drafted. If the light comes on, he can be a winning NFL tackle. If his focus doesn’t change and he is not motivated, he will bust.

Grade – B 6.5c

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