NFL Prospect Focus: Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater – Quarterback – Louisville
Size -
6021 – 214 – 4.70e
Strong Points – Productive, arm strength, vision, decision making, short accuracy, can make plays with his feet
Weak Points – Inconsistent deep accuracy, marginal delivery quickness, rarely throws a pass before the receiver makes a cut, questionable anticipation, level of play dropped the second half of the season.
Summation –
I want to make mention of a concern I have. Early in the season, a high percentage of Louisville’s pass offense was from a pro set and Bridgewater was playing from under center. Later in the year, most of the pass offense was from a spread formation. Why?
Bridgewater is a third year junior and has been a starter since the 3rd game of his freshman year. He has an excellent win/loss record the last two seasons going 23–3 during that period including two bowl wins. His stats in 2012 and 2013 are equally impressive. In 2012 he completed 287 of 419 passes for over 3700 yards, 27 TD’s and eight interceptions. In 2013, he went 303 of 427 for over 3900 yards, 31 TD’s and only four interceptions.
Bridgewater has good size at about 6025 – 200. He has a long lean frame and needs to add some bulk. He is a good athlete with quick feet and good speed. I would estimate his speed at 4.70.
When playing from under center, he shows good set up quickness with both three and five step drops. He does a good job staying in balance and sets his feet before throwing. When at the line, he shows patience to look over the defense and looks as if he has the freedom to make checks. He plays with poise and patience and does a good job reading the field and going through a progression. He usually makes good decisions, but he doesn’t have a really quick release. His throwing motion is similar to Cam Newton’s, in that there is a little hitch at the top before he lets go of the ball. He needs to improve his anticipation in that he seldom throws a ball before the receiver makes a cut. His receivers are often wide open and are waiting for the ball. Bridgewater has very good arm strength and throws a tight ball. His accuracy and ball placement on short and medium range throws is very good, but he can be inconsistent with deeper throws. While I have seen him make some great deep throws, I have also seen a number of throws that aren’t close to being on target. Despite his inconsistency with accuracy, he seldom forces throws. He can and does make some tight throws but most of the time his receivers are wide open.
Bridgewater has a good feel for pass rushers and has the athleticism to avoid rushers and extend plays with his feet. He is a good runner but never gets careless and gives up his body.
Overall, this is a talented player with a lot of upside. He will be a starter early in his career and be a winning QB, but I can’t be sure that he has the talent to win a championship. He needs to tighten his delivery and anticipate better. He started 2013 very strong and was playing better football the first half of the season. The second half he didn’t play nearly as well. This is a concern that should be checked out. I see a good player, but I don’t see special.
Grade – A 6.6

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