NFL to institute Rooney rule for female executives

The NFL plans to institute a Rooney rule to promote hiring for female executives. "We believe in diversity," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. "We believe we're better as an organization when we have good people at the table. We have great people at the table... We're also seeing it on the field. Sarah Thomas, Sarah's right here. Sarah was our first NFL female official on the field this year. Sarah, congratulations. And she did a fantastic job, and we're very proud of her. We also have people breaking into coaching ranks. I don't know if Jen is here, is Jen here? Jen's right next to her. Jen (Welter) is the first coach last year in the NFL. And she set a trend, we now have a second coach of the Buffalo Bills a female coach (Kathryn Smith)." "You can see that progress is being made," he said. "And our commitment is we have something called the Rooney Rule, which requires us to make sure when we have an opening, that on the team or the league level, that we are going to interview a diverse slate of candidates. Well we're going to make that commitment and we're going to formalize that we, as a league, are going to do that with women as well in all of our executive positions. Again, we're going to keep making progress here and make a difference." Among the NFL female executives: Amy Trask, former Oakland Raiders CEO and Miami Dolphins executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte. Follow me on Twitter: @AaronWilson_NFL
Aaron Wilson covers the Texans for The Houston Chronicle
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson covers the NFL for National Football Post, his second stint at the Post. He has previously written for Pro Football Talk and FOX Sports-Scout. Entering his 13th year covering the Baltimore Ravens, he's a beat writer for The Baltimore Sun. Wilson has also covered the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

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