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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 6 (previous rankings in parenthesis)

Aaron RodgersICONRodgers and the 5-0 Packers are rolling.

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (5-0): Is anyone playing better football at the QB position right now than Aaron Rodgers?

2. (3) New England Patriots (4-1): The Patriots used a balanced game plan to win up front vs. Rex Ryan and the Jets.

3. (2) New Orleans Saints (4-1): Jimmy Graham is quickly becoming one of the top players at the TE position and is clearly the No.1 target for Drew Brees

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens (3-1): The Ravens come off the bye to face the Texans in a game they should control along the line of scrimmage.

5. (5) Detroit Lions (5-0): A showcase win on Monday Night Football for the Matthew Stafford and the undefeated Lions.

6. (7) San Diego Chargers (4-1): Don‘t look now, but Norv Turner’s club is off to a surprisingly hot start in San Diego.

7. (10) Buffalo Bills (4-1): Fred Jackson continues to produce and the Bills are still making big plays on the defensive side of the ball.

8. (12) Oakland Raiders (3-2): We like the Raiders as a top ten team because they can line up and play a physical brand of football.

9. (15) San Francisco 49ers (4-1): Did the 49ers make a statement by blasting the Bucs 48-3 on Sunday? We think so.

10. (16) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2): The Steelers needed that one and Roethlisberger responded with 5 TDs passes in the win over the Titans.

11. (14) Washington Redskins (3-1): Could the ‘Skins really knock the Eagles out of the picture this Sunday with a win?

12. (8) New York Giants (3-2): Turnovers will get you beat at any level of football, and the Giants had crucial ones on Sunday.

13. (19) Dallas Cowboys (2-2): We think the Cowboys might be the team to beat in the NFC East when they get healthy.

14. (16) New York Jets (2-3): Three straight losses, but these are power rankings, and we still see the Jets as a tough matchup.

Mario WilliamsICONHow will the Texans respond without Mario Williams for the rest of the season?

15. (6) Houston Texans (3-2): Can the Texans stay on top in the AFC South without both Andre Johnson and Mario Williams?

16. (18) Atlanta Falcons (2-3): The Falcons couldn’t find a way to knock out the Packers with the lead at home.

17. (11) Tennessee Titans (3-2): The Kenny Britt injury is going to have a big impact on this Titans team as the season rolls on.

18. (9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2): Maybe we dropped the Bucs too far here, but you can’t lose by 45 points on Sundays in the NFL.

19. (15) Chicago Bears (2-3): The Bears have serious issues along the O-Line and the big plays are missing from Lovie Smith’s defense.

20. (21) Cincinnati Bengals (3-2): WR A.J. Green is proving his value as a top five pick—and the Bengals are winning games.

21. (20) Philadelphia Eagles (1-4): You can’t find a team that has had a more disappointing start than Andy Reid’s Eagles.

22. (21) Carolina Panthers (1-4): Newton continues to put up numbers and the Panthers are competing every Sunday.

23. (27) Kansas City Chiefs (2-3): Matt Cassel is starting to produce and the Chiefs are getting the wins because of it.

24. (28) Seattle Seahawks (2-3): How about Pete Carroll and the Seahawks? Went across country to get the win vs. the Giants.

25. (23) Cleveland Browns (2-2): We will find out how physical the Browns are when they travel to Oakland this Sunday.

26. (31) Minnesota Vikings (1-4): Despite the issues in Minnesota, we were once again reminded why Adrian Peterson is top RB in the NFL.

Tim TebowICONTebow is the new No.1 in Denver.

27. (29) Denver Broncos (1-4): Tebow is the new starter in Denver. You think that will draw some extra attention to Broncos’ practices?

28. (25) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4): Blaine Gabbert has a long way to go as a No.1 QB and Del Rio could be the one to take the fall here.

29. (24) Arizona Cardinals (1-4): Kolb and the offense should be under fire for the 1-4 start, but this Cards’ defense isn’t pretty.

30. (30) Miami Dolphins (0-4): No Chad Henne the rest of the season for Miami as they try to avoid a 0-5 start at the Jets on Monday night.

31. (29) Indianapolis Colts (0-5): Looks like the Colts will be down here all season long without Manning.

32. (32) St. Louis Rams (0-4): The Rams reward coming off the bye week? A trip to Lambeau to take on Rodgers and the Packers. Good times.

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Upcoming Games

Dec 4th, 8:15 PM

Cincinnati +5.5 -114

Jacksonville -5.5 -114


Dec 7th, 8:15 PM

New England +6.5 -110

Pittsburgh -6.5 -110


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

Detroit -5.5 -116

Chicago +5.5 -116


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

Carolina +6.5 -103

New Orleans -6.5 -103


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

Tampa Bay +2.5 -106

Atlanta -2.5 -106


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

LA Rams +6.5 -118

Baltimore -6.5 -118


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

Indianapolis -0.5 -110

Cincinnati +0.5 -110


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

Jacksonville -2.5 -115

Cleveland +2.5 -115


Dec 10th, 1:00 PM

Houston -5.5 -115

NY Jets +5.5 -115


Dec 10th, 4:05 PM

Minnesota +0.5 -115

Las Vegas -0.5 -115


Dec 10th, 4:05 PM

Seattle +10.5 -108

San Francisco -10.5 -108


Dec 10th, 4:25 PM

Buffalo +2.5 -125

Kansas City -2.5 -125


Dec 10th, 4:25 PM

Denver +3.5 +103

LA Chargers -3.5 +103


Dec 10th, 8:20 PM

Philadelphia +1.5 -110

Dallas -1.5 -110


Dec 11th, 8:15 PM

Tennessee +11.5 -111

Miami -11.5 -111


Dec 11th, 8:15 PM

Green Bay -5.5 -102

NY Giants +5.5 -102