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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL power rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 16 Power Rankings (previous ranking in parenthesis)

1. (1) New England Patriots: 12-2
It wasn’t easy at home vs. Matt Flynn and the Packers, but the Pats make the fourth quarter plays to stay atop our rankings.

2. (3) Atlanta Falcons: 12-2
The Falcons should end up with home field throughout the playoffs, but Monday night will be a good test at home vs. the Saints.

Michael Vick ICONVick and the Eagles' took control of the NFC East with the comeback win in New York.

3. (5) Philadelphia Eagles: 10-4
That fourth quarter in New York just proves how explosive the talent is on Andy Reid’s roster.

4. (6) Baltimore Ravens: 10-4
A statement win at home vs. the Saints? It was for that Ravens defense that showed up in the 4th quarter.

5. (8) Chicago Bears: 10-4
The NFC North champs have to get past the Jets and the Packers to lock up a first round bye in the playoffs.

6. (5) New Orleans Saints: 10-4
The Saints winning streak came to an end—and questions about their defensive front surfaced after Ray Rice ran wild on Sunday.

7. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-4
No doubt about it—this is a different defense in Pittsburgh when Troy Polamalu is on the sidelines.

8. (12) New York Jets: 10-4
When Mark Sanchez can protect the football, the Jets look like a playoff team.

9. (10) Indianapolis Colts: 8-6
That losing streak seems like a distant memory after the Colts took over first place—again—in the AFC South.

10. (13) San Diego Chargers: 8-6
The Chargers have the talent to be a playoff team, but they are running out of time to get that invite to the post-season tournament.

11. (14) Kansas City Chiefs: 9-5
Matt Cassel’s return was a positive, but this team will win the AFC West because of Jamaal Charles and the running game.

12. (7) New York Giants: 9-5
Matt Dodge will take most of the heat for the collapse vs. the Eagles, but that entire Giants’ roster shut it down on Sunday when it counted.

13. (11) Green Bay Packers: 8-6
The wild card is on the line when the Packers host the Giants this Sunday at Lambeau.

Maurice Jones-DrewICONJones-Drew and the Jags need some help to get back in the playoff picture.

14. (9) Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-6
The Jags missed on a big opportunity Sunday to put the Colts away—and they might watch the playoffs from home because of it.

15. (17) Oakland Raiders: 7-7
Don’t forget about the Raiders who are finishing the season strong under Tom Cable.

16. (18) Dallas Cowboys: 5-9
Has Jason Garrett done enough to come back as the head coach in Dallas next season?

17. (17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 8-6
No late game comeback this time around for Josh Freeman as the Bucs drop a home game to the Lions.

18. (24) Tennessee Titans: 6-8
Where was that physical style from the Titans during the mid-season losing streak?

19. (19) Houston Texans: 5-9
The Texans continue to disappoint and we are starting to wonder who the top coaching candidate will be in Houston this offseason.

20. (16) Miami Dolphins: 7-7
Will the Dolphins try to upgrade the QB position this offseason?

21. (20) St. Louis Rams: 6-8
The Rams still control their own playoff fate—even with a 6-8 record.

22. (21) Minnesota Vikings: 5-9
A rough season just got worse after the 40-14 loss on Monday night to Chicago.

23. (28) Detroit Lions: 4-10
Another solid offseason and we might start talking about the Lions as a contender in the NFC North.

24. (27) Buffalo Bills: 4-10
The Bills get another shot to break the losing streak against Brady and the Patriots this Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Matt HasselbeckICONHasselbeck will reamin the No.1 in Seattle heading into Sunday.

25. (23) Seattle Seahawks: 6-8
Will Matt Hasselbeck get the quick hook down in Tampa this Sunday?

26. (23) Cleveland Browns: 5-9
Eric Mangini is on the hot seat in Cleveland—and this team is taking steps backwards as the season comes to an end.

27. (22) San Francisco 49ers: 5-9
The Niners are still in the NFC West race, but they need to find a way to score points quickly.

28. (30) Cincinnati Bengals: 3-11
One of the big offseason stories in Cincy will surround the future of QB Carson Palmer—who has underachieved all season.

29. (26) Washington Redskins: 5-9
Rex Grossman got the start in Dallas, but the end result was the same for Mike Shanahan’s team.

30. (32) Carolina Panthers: 2-12
The Andrew Luck talk is continuing to swirl down in Charlotte.

31. (29) Arizona Cardinals: 4-10
Expect the Cardinals to interview as many QB candidates as possible at the Combine in February.

32. (29) Denver Broncos: 3-11
Tim Tebow gives us a reason to check out the Broncos the next two weeks.

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Upcoming Games

Oct 21st, 8:20 PM

Denver +6 -110

Cleveland -6 -110


Oct 24th, 1:00 PM

Kansas City -3 +103

Tennessee +3 +103


Oct 24th, 1:00 PM

Washington +7.5 -107

Green Bay -7.5 -107


Oct 24th, 1:00 PM

Carolina -3 -117

NY Giants +3 -117


Oct 24th, 1:00 PM

NY Jets +7 -105

New England -7 -105


Oct 24th, 1:00 PM

Atlanta +3 -112

Miami -3 -112


Oct 24th, 1:00 PM

Cincinnati +7 +108

Baltimore -7 +108


Oct 24th, 4:05 PM

Detroit +13.5 -110

LA Rams -13.5 -110


Oct 24th, 4:05 PM

Philadelphia +2.5 -122

Las Vegas -2.5 -122


Oct 24th, 4:25 PM

Houston +14.5 -107

Arizona -14.5 -107


Oct 24th, 4:25 PM

Chicago +10 -107

Tampa Bay -10 -107


Oct 24th, 8:20 PM

Indianapolis +3.5 -118

San Francisco -3.5 -118


Oct 25th, 8:15 PM

New Orleans -3 -120

Seattle +3 -120


Oct 28th, 8:20 PM

Green Bay +3.5 -108

Arizona -3.5 -108