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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our power rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 10 Rankings (previous rankings in parenthesis)

1. (3) New York Giants: 6-2
The Giants 41-7 win in Seattle stands out—because this team is playing the best football in the NFL.

James HarrisonICONHarrison and the Steelers moved to 6-2 with the win over the Bengals.

2. (2) Pittsburgh Steelers: 6-2
We shouldn’t be surprised that James Harrison and the Steelers defense made a play to close out the Bengals with the game on the line.

3. (3) Baltimore Ravens: 6-2
Ed Reed now has three interceptions on the season—in just two games.

4. (6) New York Jets: 6-2
Santonio Holmes saved the Jets in Detroit with his catch and run in overtime.

5. (1) New England Patriots: 6-2
We don’t usually see the Patriots get physically pushed around like they did on the road in Cleveland.

6. (7) New Orleans Saints: 6-3
The Saints still have issues on offense, but that defense can carry them on a mid-season run.

7. (8) Green Bay Packers: 6-3
After battling through injuries, the Packers now look like the favorite to win the NFC North.

8. (10) Atlanta Falcons: 6-2
The Falcons are quietly playing good football in the NFC South—and have the 6-2 record to show for it.

9. (14) Philadelphia Eagles: 5-3
Andy Reid moved to 12-0 coming off of the bye week, and Michael Vick might be playing the best football of his career.

10. (5) Indianapolis Colts: 5-3
We can’t count out the Colts with Manning under center, but the injuries are starting to catch up with Indy.

11. (11) Tennessee Titans: 5-3
We think Randy Moss is an upgrade for the Titans—if Jeff Fisher can get him to play hard.

Jason Campbell ICONCampbell and the Raiders have won three straight.

12. (15) Oakland Raiders: 5-4
Tom Cable is going to receive some votes for Coach of the Year if his Raiders keep winning football games.

13. (17) San Diego Chargers: 4-5
Too early to call Philip Rivers the favorite to win the MVP award? Not if the Chargers keep winning.

14. (11) Miami Dolphins: 4-4
Chad Henne needs to protect the ball if the Dolphins want to stay relevant in the AFC East.

15. (12) Kansas City Chiefs: 5-3
Going three-and-out to start the OT period in Oakland buried the Chiefs.

16. (18) Chicago Bears: 5-3
Lovie Smith’s defense made plays to close out the Bills, but the schedule isn’t pretty for the Bears in the second half of the season.

17. (16) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-3
Tough loss at Atlanta, but we think the Bucs and Josh Freeman will be around all season in the NFC South.

18. (13) Houston Texans: 4-4
The Texans have dropped two straight and we have to start questioning the play of their defense.

19. (23) Minnesota Vikings: 3-5
Brett Favre’s comeback win against the Cards quieted the drama in Minnesota for one week—but does it last?

20. (27) Cleveland Browns: 3-5
The last two wins for Eric Mangini’s club: New Orleans and New England.

21. (19) Washington Redskins: 4-4
It wouldn’t be right unless the ‘Skins had some controversy to deal with during the middle of the season.

22. (20) Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-4
Can David Garrard continue to produce in the second half of the season for the Jags?

23. (21) St. Louis Rams: 4-4
The NFC West is wide open for the Rams and rookie QB Sam Bradford.

24. (24) Detroit Lions: 2-6
The Lions lost the lead—and their quarterback—at home to the Jets.

Pete CarrollICONWhat's going on up in Seattle, Pete?

25. (22) Seattle Seahawks: 4-4
The Seahawks have lost their last two games by a combined 74-10 score.

26. (25) Arizona Cardinals: 4-4
Playoff teams close out opponents in the 4th quarter—which Arizona couldn’t do against the Vikings.

27. (26) Cincinnati Bengals: 2-6
Terrell Owens played like a Pro Bowler on Monday night—but the end result was the same for the Bengals.

28. (29) San Francisco 49ers: 2-6
Let’s see how long Troy Smith holds onto that No.1 job out in San Fran.

29. (28) Dallas Cowboys: 1-7
Firing Wade Phillips is one way to hide the embarrassment of the Cowboys 2010 season.

30. (30) Denver Broncos: 2-6
Josh McDaniels could be coaching for his job in the second half of the season.

31. (31) Carolina Panthers: 1-7
Time to start the offseason draft prep out in Carolina.

32. (32) Buffalo Bills: 0-8
Another blown opportunity for this Bills team in the fourth quarter—and another loss.

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