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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 13 Rankings (previous ranking in parenthesis)

1. (1) New England Patriots: 9-2
Tom Brady made it look easy against the Lions secondary on Thanksgiving as the Pats kept rolling.

Darrelle RevisICONRevis and the Jets head to New England on Monday night.

2. (2) New York Jets: 9-2
Expect plenty of Rex Ryan talk this week leading up the Monday night game in New England.

3. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-3
The Steelers survived the Bills in OT and now travel to Baltimore in a game that should determine the AFC North champ.

4. (5) Atlanta Falcons: 9-2
Can we all agree that the Falcons are a legit favorite in the NFC?

5. (6) Baltimore Ravens: 8-3
The Baltimore talk has been quiet, but that will change if they sweep the Steelers with a win on Sunday night.

6. (7) New Orleans Saints: 8-3
Remember the defending champs? They are getting hot at the right time.

7. (9) Chicago Bears: 8-3
That is the type of production the Bears have been expecting from Jay Cutler.

8. (10) San Diego Chargers: 6-5
Is there any doubt that the Chargers are going to be on top of the AFC West at the end of the season?

9. (4) Philadelphia Eagles: 7-4
Michael Vick looked human at times in the loss at Chicago.

10. (9) Green Bay Packers: 7-4
Can Aaron Rodgers get a little help from his running game in Green Bay?

11. (12) New York Giants: 7-4
The comeback win against the Jags might have saved the Giants’ season.

12. (11) Indianapolis Colts: 6-5
When was the last time Peyton Manning looked that uncomfortable in the pocket?

Matt CasselICONCassel and the Chiefs rolled up over 500-yards of offense in Seattle.

13. (15) Kansas City: 7-4
That was an offensive explosion for the Chiefs in the blowout win at Seattle.

14. (14) Jacksonville Jaguars: 6-5
The Jags had a meltdown in the second half at New York, but still control the AFC South.

15. (13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 7-4
Despite the loss at Baltimore, we have to give credit to Raheem Morris’ squad—because they always compete.

16. (15) Miami Dolphins: 6-5
The Dolphins figured out that feeding the ball to Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams is the only game plan they need.

17. (25) Minnesota Vikings: 4-7
Leslie Frazier gets his first win as the Vikings coach and he will get more if Minnesota plays like they did in the win at Washington.

18. (20) Houston Texans: 5-6
The Texans should thank the league office for allowing them to have Andre Johnson in the lineup for Thursday night’s game at Philly.

19. (17) Washington Redskins: 5-6
Hard to figure out the ‘Skins, but we can count them out of any playoff talk in Shanahan’s first season.

20. (16) Oakland Raiders: 5-6
Tom Cable isn’t going to win when his club runs the ball 12 times for 16-yards.

21. (24) St. Louis Rams: 5-6
Should the league just hand out the Rookie of the Year award to Sam Bradford now?

22. (21) Cleveland Browns: 4-7
Peyton Hillis continues to prove that he is one of the best power backs in the league.

23. (20) Dallas Cowboys: 3-8
Jason Garrett was close to winning his third straight, but the Cowboys—and Roy Williams—failed to close out the Saints.

24. (18) Tennessee Titans: 5-6
With Rusty Smith at QB, it is time to close the book on the Titans.

Pete CarrollICONCan Carroll and the Seahawks put it together and win the NFC West?

25. (23) Seattle Seahawks: 5-6
Pete Carroll has the most inconsistent team in the league.

26. (26) San Francisco 49ers: 4-7
The Niners are only one game out in the NFC West, but getting it done without Frank Gore will be a challenge.

27. (27) Buffalo Bills: 2-9
Chan Gailey is doing the right things in Orchard Park—and the Bills are playing hard.

28. (31) Detroit Lions: 2-9
The Lions just can’t put it together under Jim Schwartz.

29. (29) Denver Broncos: 3-8
Is Josh McDaniels really coming back in 2011?

30. (30) Cincinnati Bengals: 2-9
The Bengals become more of a disappointment every time they play.

31. (28) Arizona Cardinals: 3-8
Can’t remember a more pathetic performance on a Monday night stage.

32. (32) Carolina Panthers: 1-10
The head coaching candidates are already starting to surface for the 2011 season in Carolina.

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