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Every week, the National Football Post brings you our weekly power rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 9 Rankings (previous rankings in parenthesis)

1. (3) New England Patriots: 6-1
The Pats closed out the Vikings with a 13-play drive in the 4th quarter—a that style sells in the NFL.

2. (1) Pittsburgh Steelers: 5-2
Polamalu and the Steelers were outplayed by the Saints defense—and that doesn’t happen often.

3. (4) N.Y. Giants: 5-2
The Giants hype cooled off over the bye week, but we still see New York as the team to beat in the NFC.

4. (5) Baltimore Ravens: 5-2
Are the Ravens vulnerable on defense? We don’t think so.

Peyton ManningICONManning and the Colts are back in first place in the AFC South.

5. (6) Indianapolis Colts: 5-2
Surprise—the Colts are back in first place in the AFC South.

6. (2) N.Y. Jets: 5-2
With two weeks to prepare for the Packers, the Jets and Mark Sanchez were shut out—at home.

7. (13) New Orleans Saints: 5-3
That was the championship defense we saw in ’09 from the Saints.

8. (9) Green Bay Packers: 5-3
The Packers move to first place in the NFC North despite a training room filled with bodies.

9. (11) Miami Dolphins: 4-3
Miami continues to play tough football—and will be tested again on Sunday in Baltimore.

10. (10) Atlanta Falcons: 5-2
The Falcons would host the Bucs for the division lead on Sunday.

11. (7) Tennessee Titans: 5-3
The injury to WR Kenny Britt could be a crucial blow to the Titans’ offensive game plan.

12. (12) Kansas City Chiefs: 5-2
The Chiefs travel to Oakland in the game of the week.

13. (8) Houston Texans: 4-3
The Texans didn't look anything like a playoff team Monday night in the loss to Indy.

Michael Vick Vick is back under center for the Eagles this Sunday.

14. (15) Philadelphia Eagles: 4-3
Michael Vick takes over the offense—again—when the Eagles host the Colts on Sunday.

15. (20) Oakland Raiders: 4-4
The Raiders are starting to look like one of the league’s most physical teams.

16. (17) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-2
Is Raheem Morris speaking the truth about the Bucs? Sunday in Atlanta will answer some questions.

17. (25) San Diego Chargers: 3-5
Will the win over the Titans spur a mid-season run in San Diego?

18. (18) Chicago Bears: 4-3
Did the Bears make enough corrections during the bye week to keep QB Jay Cutler off of the ground?

19. (14) Washington Redskins: 4-4
A quarterback issue in Washington? It sounds like it after Donovan McNabb was pulled for Rex Grossman in the loss at Detroit.

20. (27) Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-4
The Jags looked like a player in the AFC down in Dallas—but can they stay consistent?

21. (22) St. Louis Rams: 4-4
Can the Rams win the NFC West with a rookie QB? Why not when San Bradford continues to impress.

22. (16) Seattle Seahawks: 4-3
After the beating Seattle took in Oakland, it is time to slow down the Pete Carroll bandwagon.

Brad ChildressICONWill Childress make it through the season in Minnesota?

23. (19) Minnesota Vikings: 2-5
Does Brad Childress even finish the season in Minnesota?

24. (29) Detroit Lions: 2-5
The 2-5 record stands out, but the Lions continue to play good football.

25. (24) Arizona Cardinals: 3-4
Can the Cards get Kurt Warner back for the second half of the season?

26. (21) Cincinnati Bengals: 2-5
A roster stocked with talent, but the Bengals continue to disappoint on Sundays.

27. (26) Cleveland Browns: 2-5
Time to turn this offense over to rookie QB Colt McCoy for good.

28. (23) Dallas Cowboys: 1-6
Wade Phillips is working on borrowed time for a team that has packed it in for the season.

29. (31) San Francisco 49ers: 2-6
Is Troy Smith the answer at QB for Mike Singletary’s?

30. (28) Denver Broncos: 2-6
How many more Denver losses before we start talking about Josh McDaniels’ job security?

31. (30) Carolina Panthers: 1-6
Who do the Panthers call first this offseason? Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher?

32. (32) Buffalo Bills: 0-7
Until the Bills figure out how to make a big play with the game on the line, they will continue to struggle.

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