NFP Power Rankings

Every week, the National Football Post brings you our weekly NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 15 (previous rankings in parenthesis)

1. (1) Green Bay Packers (13-0): The final three opponents for Green Bay: at Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit. We like their chances of running the table.

2. (2) Pittsburgh Steelers: (10-3): Could the Steelers be without both Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison as they head to San Fran on Monday night?

3. (3) New Orleans Saints (10-3): That wasn’t pretty vs. the Titans, but in December football the win is all that counts on the road.

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens (10-3): Terrell Suggs had a career day as the Ravens handled the Colts.

Rob GronkowskiICONGronkowski continues to dominate NFL defenses in the red zone.

5. (6) New England Patriots (10-3): Until someone figures out how to stop Rob Gronkowski in the red zone the Patriots will continue to produce points.

6. (5) San Francisco 49ers (10-3): Alex Smith struggled and the Niners ran into a hot Cardinals team, but we still like Harbaugh’s club heading into the post season.

7. (7) Houston Texans (10-3): QB T. J. Yates didn’t look like a rookie on that final drive to beat the Bengals on the road.

8. (8) Denver Broncos (8-5): Tebow can’t do it again this week vs. the Patriots, right?

9. (16) New York Giants (7-6): A big jump for the Giants in our rankings, but with Eli Manning they can play with anyone.

10. (10) Detroit Lions (8-5): Detroit had to hang on to beat the Vikings, but a Wild Card spot should be in their future.

11. (11) New York Jets (8-5): That Chiefs offense didn’t stand a chance vs. Rex and the Jets on Sunday.

12. (12) Atlanta Falcons (8-5): That draft day trade to get Julio Jones looks pretty good right now.

13. (19) San Diego Chargers (6-7): The Chargers are playing their best football, but it could be too late.

14. (9) Dallas Cowboys (7-6): The Cowboys had a chance to take control of the NFC East—at home.

15. (20) Seattle Seahawks (6-7): We are looking for safeties that want to fill the hole vs. Marshawn Lynch.

16. (15) Tennessee Titans (7-6): Jake Locker is a rookie, but he still has to find a way to avoid a sack on the final play of the game.


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