NFP's 2015 Grading Scale

LETTER/ROUND GRADE A  – a player you would draft in the first 2 rounds B – A player you would draft in the third and fourth rounds C – a Player you would draft in rounds five thru seven. D – a free agent R – reject NUMBER GRADE 9.9 – 8.0 – A franchise player in the NFL with NO holes. Has to be able to carry a team at a premium position (QB, Pass Rusher). Has to be a consistently dominant player at the college level and will continue that play in the NFL. Will make a team better and take them to the next level. Has few if any flaws and multiple rare traits. You are lucky to see a player like this once in every 5 drafts. 7.9 - 7.0 - Same as above but at a non premium position. QB’s and pass rushers can be is this level but are not quite as good as an 8.0 or better player. Would be a player you would consider in the top 10 - 12 in any draft. 6.9 – 6.8 – A player who is not quite as talented as a 7.0. Should start early in his career perhaps as a rookie depending on need. Had the potential to ascend into a Pro Bowl type player. Will be one of the better players on your team. Has multiple traits for the position. Can be dominant at times. A top 20 – 22 pick in a Strong Draft. 6.7 – 6.6 - A very good college player who should develop into a solid and consistent NFL player after a period of adjustment. Will eventually start and help a championship team win on a consistent basis. A late first or top half of the second round player. You win BECAUSE of this type of player 6.5 – Same as above but to a lesser degree. Will need a little more time to develop but should become a solid starter. Will be a quality backup his first and maybe his second year depending on a teams needs and strengths but could start earlier if a top team is weak at the position. A late second to third round pick. You win WITH this type of player. 6.4 – A solid college player who has traits to succeed at the next level. He may ultimately become a 6.5 or better player and become a starter. You view this player as a solid backup type. Provides good depth for a championship team and should be able to play in a rotation. A backup with staying power. 6.3 – Will become a good backup type in the NFL. Will never be a starter but will help you if he needs to play. Is a contributor. May eventually work himself into a starters position in time but mostly seen as a backup. If he is a starter he is someone you are looking to replace. You would want to draft this player. 6.2 – A player you would not draft. Still he has the traits to compete for a roster spot or a practice squad spot while in camp. A very solid camp player. 6.1 – Same as above but to a lesser degree. OTHER NOTES m = medical concern x = character or other concern

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