Obama not backing Jay Cutler

So much for the First Fan having a lot of faith in Jay Cutler.

President Barack Obama, a self-proclaimed fan of Chicago sports teams (although he once failed to name a single player of the White Sox in a game broadcast), has piled on Cutler.

The Green Bay Packers visited the White House this afternoon to celebrate their Super Bowl XLV championship. Naturally, the Packers gave him a little grief and you’ll recall there was some back-and-forth involving cornerback Charles Woodson last season.

So, Woodson presented Obama with some stock certificate in the ballclub, making him one of the hundreds of thousands of shareholders.

“Today 112,000 people own a piece of this franchise, it is the only publicly owned team in pro sports,” Obama said during the ceremony broadcast on whitehouse.gov. “Even a Bears fan can admit that the relationship between Green Bay and its team is something special.”

Then, the new part-owner of the club suggested a move he believes will help his team.

“If I’m a part owner, I think we should initiate a trade to send (Aaron) Rodgers down to the Bears,” Obama said.

UPDATED: The White House since has worked to clarify the remarks, suggesting that Obama believes Rodgers would make a terrific backup to Cutler on the Bears.

The President understands the value of having a reliable backup quarterback – and (Rodgers as a No. 2 behind Cutler) would make it more likely that he could greet the Bears at a similar ceremony at the White House next year,” White House spokesman, Adam Abrams said.

Now, it's time for the Packers fans to be upset we suppose.

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