Olindo Mare offers Seahawks a hometown discount

NFL owners are seeking a $1 billion giveback from players in a labor showdown that’s gotten downright ugly.

Olindo Mare can’t give that much back, but he is willing to give the Seattle Seahawks a hometown discount to re-sign with them. The veteran kicker told 710 ESPN that he’d like to remain with the club.

Mare, 37, made 25 of 30 field goals last season and had a streak of 30 consecutive (dating back to 2009) snapped in October. He is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent after the team placed the franchise tag on him last year.

“I think that whole highest bid thing for me is not quite as important with the four kids," Mare said.

So he’d give the Seahawks a little discount?

"Oh, absolutely. For sure. I would be stupid not to," he told the radio station. "The Seahawks gave me an opportunity. I always take that into consideration also. But we'll see. I have to get a offer first... What would be great would be is if there was a bunch and it would show that people appreciate what you do, and that's always flattering. Just to get all your options available. If you signed (for) three, four, five years, that would be your last contract. You want to make sure that everything was done right.

"But yeah, Seattle will definitely get a home discount.”

The Seahawks looked to the future with youth when they drafted Brandon Coutu in 2008 but in two seasons he was unable to unseat Mare. Now, it would seem the Seahawks would be best to bring Mare back on a short-term deal.

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