Panthers' Super Bowl playbook discovered at yard sale

A Carolina Panthers fan found some interesting stuff at a garage sale recently, and you have to wonder where it all came from and what hands the playbooks and other information have been through.

According to, 26-year-old Panthers fan Matt Rowell recently uncovered a Carolina Panthers playbook from Super Bowl XXXVIII, the big game the Panthers lost to the New England Patriots.

Also discovered in trash bags was “sensitive financial information” for several players, size 16 cleats that belonged to Kris Jenkins and Jenkins’ locker room nameplate from the Super Bowl.

Rowell reportedly turned over the playbook and financial documents to the Panthers.

“I enjoyed it for a week. I was like, you know what, this really belongs more to the fans than it does to me or for me selling it, because if I were to sell it on Craigslist or eBay or wherever, then that person may then sell it to the Falcons or to the Saints," he said. "It's just stuff that you can't, as a die hard fan you just can't do that."

He did keep the locker room nameplate as well as playbooks from the Pro Bowl.

The question that is worth asking is did the Super Bowl playbook go missing before the game or after the game? If it was after the game, it's a nice conversation piece that many fans probably would have kept. If it was before the game, that would be interesting. Go ahead and come up with your own Spygate punchlines here. No, we're not suggesting anything sinister.

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