Pat Williams has an expletive good time laying out Toby Gerhart

Years from now, perhaps Toby Gerhart will look back on his ‘Welcome to the NFL moment’ with some sort of appreciation for the rite of passage.

Otherwise, he’ll probably consider Pat Williams a compete ass----. Because it was Williams who clobbered Gerhart during the first Minnesota Vikings practice in full pads this morning, drilling the rookie running back as he came to the hole. As Tom Pelissero if ESPN 1500 noted, perhaps it was Williams letting the second-round draft pick from Stanford know that the veterans recognized he was a day late getting to training camp as he waited to complete his contract.

The hit that laid out Gerhart was to the excitement of the crowd.

“This ain't college no more,” Williams told Pelissero. “They're grown mans out there. (Expletive.) Paying these college boys like they already played before, so (expletive), we just show 'em. This is a different breed out there. This is grown men. It ain't boys no more. But they pay 'em like they done played in the NFL now.”

And in the NFL, apparently apologies are not in order after bone-rattling camp hits.

“(Expletive). I don't apologize to nobody,” Williams said. “(Expletive), get your ass up. Let's go. Point blank. That's how I roll. I've been playing for like 14 years. I don't complain about nothing. I don't whine about nothing. I'm just coming to camp to have fun. Same old, same old every year."

Fortunately, Gerhart said he was expecting to be knocked around a little. Hey, it’s football. This is the NFL. Expletive.

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