Pierre-Paul says Giants need to pay Osi

What to do with Osi Umenyiora?

It’s a question the New York Giants faced at this time last year when the defensive end was bucking for a new contract. Now, with one year and $3.975 million remaining on his deal, the Giants are forced to consider the question once again.

What do they do? Well, if they listen to his lineman Jason Pierre-Paul, they will buck up.

“I think it’s very important,” Pierre-Paul told the New York Post. “Give him what he wants, man.”

Yes, it’s very easy for players to spend a team’s money, there’s no question about that. Players want to see everyone get paid and aren’t necessarily concerned about the ramifications of a salary cap.

“That’s a great guy and trust me, a guy like that on your team, he’s a playmaker,” Pierre-Paul said. “Just us three defensive ends, we’ve got a couple more on the line, but I feel like we’re all on there together, it’s unstoppable. Who’s going to stop us? We’ve got the best defensive line in the country, and everybody sees that. So bring him back.”

It’s understandable that the Giants didn’t re-do Umenyiora’s contract. Some teams refuse to do that with multiple years left on a deal. With just one season left on his deal, now would seem like the time where the Giants either need to step up and extend Umenyiora if they believe he’s going to be a producer for seasons to come or explore a trade. Stay tuned.

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