Players react negatively to power play by owners

The NFL released a timeline for a return to football earlier this evening that looks great.

The only problem, according to the players, is that owners voted 31-0 to ratify a collective bargaining agreement that the players have not agreed to, a move that seemingly puts the spotlight on the NFLPA and leads to the possibility this situation could drag into next week.

Reaction around the world of Twitter was fascinating and the players looked to be unified.

“It looks like I have a job again,” Ravens running back Ray Rice tweeted shortly after the news spread.

Then, things turned a little more ominous.

“If the players agree to this deal, it will be a sad day in football,” 49ers running back Anthony Dixon said.

“Please don't get excited about that press conference,” Vonnie Holliday wrote. “The owners have agreed on a deal we the players have not seen! This is not consistent.”

Ryan clark: “The owners want u to believe that they have been extremely fair everywhere and this is their "olive branch" to finalize it. Media mind games.”

“This is kind of like the power move they made at the beginning of negotiations when it first started,” Ravens safety Haruki Nakamura told the NFP’s Aaron Wilson.

Can a deal be done? Sure, it can. The timeline the NFL laid out would get camps started in time to play the first week of the preseason. If games are missed then, that is when money would start coming off the table for both sides.

The players believe the owners have made a power play here. They’re not happy. It’s going to take some more negotiations and this is a time for DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell to lead the way. No one needs to be dragged through this for another complete week.

“Personally, I think deal will be approved by players,” Bears tight end Greg Olsen wrote on his Twitter account. “But don’t forget owners approved (their) own proposal. Haha.”

Reason for optimism?

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