Players respond to Roger Goodell with a letter of their own

The NFL players have answered the letter that Roger Goodell sent them.

In a strong four-page letter that was posted this morning on, the players tell Goodell that they don’t believe what he was selling in the letter he sent to players via agents on Thursday.

“We start by reminding you that we were there at the negotiations and know the truth about what happened,” is how the players lead off their latest communication.

The letter goes on to hammer the common theme the players have been sticking to – they want full financial disclosure from the owners who claim business isn’t as good as it once was. The players also pick apart the final offer that was on the table and explain to Goodell why they believe the offer was not nearly the sweetheart deal he trumpeted it to be.

“We believe these massive givebacks were not justified at all by the owners,” the letter reads.

The letter points out the rookie wage system the league suggested would “severely” restrict veteran salaries. The players say Goodell was only taking the 18-game schedule off the table for one season.

Goodell’s main point in his letter was that the sides need to return to the bargaining table. The players say if you want to talk, call our attorneys.

All signs point to an April 6 court date as the next time will find anything substantive in this labor process.

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