Police say Jamal Anderson was asleep at the wheel

Jamal Anderson’s attorneys say he wasn’t hammered behind the wheel, but he was simply tired after a visit with family.

Police paint a much different story of their arrest of the former Atlanta Falcons running back in DeKalb County. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Anderson was arrested after he fell asleep behind the wheel of his 2008 Cadillac Escalade and blocked traffic at an intersection when he didn’t move after multiple green lights.

According to the report, police, with the help of backup, had to unlock Anderson’s vehicle through an open sunroof after failed attempts to awaken him by tapping on the driver’s window. Even after police had put the vehicle in park and turned off the engine, Anderson did not wake up. The report indicates Anderson did not come to until after he was in handcuffs.

The 39-year-old submitted to a field sobriety test and declined a breath test. Police accused him of smelling of alcohol, sweating profusely, slurring his speech and being unable to maintain his balance.

The attorneys submit Anderson will plead not guilty if it goes to trial.

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