Portis indicates D.C. media contributed to sack McNabb

Donovan McNabb has plenty left to give a football team, according to Clinton Portis.

He just needs to get out from under the microscope of the pesky media in Washington.

McNabb figures to be headed elsewhere when the lockout ends, and Portis has already been cut loose by the Redskins. To hear Portis tell it, McNabb had it much worse than he ever did in Philadelphia. Never mind the whole wrist band thing for the time being.

I think Donovan McNabb has a lot left in the tank,” Portis said on Sirius XM’s Late Hits with Maurice Jones-Drew, according to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “ I don’t know the extent of Donovan’s situation, but from what I could see and what I could tell, once you get into a position where you’re clashing, it feels as if any mistake you make you’re gonna be pulled. It’s kind of hard to play like that, and that’s really how it was.

“I think with that Washington media being so critical of the team, it’s hard to really have that team bond, because the media, shoot, they’re picking it apart and tearing it apart and being so critical even when the good times come. I don’t think Donovan was ready for that, even coming from Philly. I don’t think he understood the position he was coming into. I think Donovan’s got a lot left in the tank.”

Portis, himself, is looking forward to getting out of the spotlight. Quite frankly, as broken down as he’s been the last two years, he’s going to have to be in a complementary role in order to make a solid contribution.

“I think being in D.C., I was always the focal point, and a lot of people blamed me for a lot of the things that was going on around me, but I promise you I gave everything I had. So going to a team and really not being the focal point, being able to come in and contribute and add to a team who got the pieces in place, who just missing some things, I would love to do that.”

Where would he like to do it? Well, against the Redskins preferably. He wants to exact some revenge against them. Portis leaves after coming within 648 yards of John Riggins’ franchise record.

“To go to the Giants and get to play the Redskins twice a year after them feeling as if I wasn’t capable any more, I think that would be outstanding,” Portis said.

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