Raunchy radio interview got 49ers color analyst fired

Gary Plummer says despite raunchy comments he made in February on a radio station in San Jose, Calif., he was fired by the San Francisco 49ers for critical comments about the franchise.

Deadspin.com tracked down an interview Plummer did on KSJO in February in which he recounted his sexual conquests. Although the interview has been taken down from the station’s Web site, it’s available at Deadspin and elsewhere on the Internet and it was out long enough for the 49ers to hear. Be warned, it's graphic and not suitable for the workplace.

Plummer detailed how in his heyday when the 49ers were winning, players would dispatch team employees into the stands to get phone numbers from women – during games. He described how he taught his older brother to perform oral sex and how he enjoys an open relationship with the woman he is engaged to marry. All of this spilled out in an interview with Lauren Schiller and Stephanie Walton, the hosts of “Lady Brain.”

Earlier this month, the 49ers announced former 49ers defensive back Eric Davis is the team’s new color analyst for radio broadcasts. Plummer told Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News that the team him the raunchy interview was the reason for his dismissal.

“It was a convenient excuse to get rid of somebody who told the truth," Plummer told Brown.

Per Plummer, team executives came to him four or five times last season to tell him he was being too harsh in his analysis of the team.

“I literally asked them, 'How much powdered sugar do you want me to put on dog (poop) to make it taste good?’” Plummer said. “'We're 0-5. We're last in the league in offense, and we've had three players quit.’

"Frankly, I'll never change. I'm going to be the same guy. My credibility is on the line, and it's my obligation to be honest. If it were a high school game, I might not be as critical. But these guys are professional players, and the (listener) needs to know if they're not doing their jobs."

Plummer also described in the R-rated interview how a teammate once had sex near the team buses after a game with family members right nearby. Team officials took exception to the tales he spun involving the organization.

“I regret that I didn't get an opportunity to listen or edit it first," said Plummer, a veteran linebacker who also played for the San Diego Chargers. “I don't harbor any ill will toward the 49ers. And I wish Eric Davis the best of luck. I hope he can do exactly what he thought he could do."

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