Ray Rice's appeal scheduled for Nov. 5-6

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice will have his appeal for an indefinite suspension by the NFL heard on Nov. 5, according to a report from The Baltimore Sun.

Former federal judge Barbara S. Jones, the independent arbitrator appointed to hear the appeal, will preside over the case. The appeal hearing is expected to conclude on Nov. 6, just a day after it begins.

Rice was suspended indefinitely by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after the website TMZ published a video showing the running back punching his now-wife Janay Rice in the face in a casino elevator. Janay Rice was knocked unconscious before Ray Rice dragged her out of the elevator once the doors opened in the lobby.

According to The Sun's report, Rice is prepared to testify that he told the truth to Goodell when interviewed over the summer. Goodell and the NFL have previously stated that the video was new information for Rice's case, which is why they decided to suspend him indefinitely. Prior to the indefinite suspension, the NFL had suspended Rice just two games, which caused a lot of backlash and outrage from various media outlets, as well as the public.

Also, before the indefinite suspension, Goodell enacted a domestic violence policy, in which first-time offenders would receive a six-game suspension, with second-time offenders getting a lifetime ban. Rice will likely argue that he was punished twice for the same offense by Goodell.

Jones has yet to decide if Goodell will testify during the appeal hearing.

Following the release of the elevator video in early September, the Ravens released Rice, with the NFL's indefinite suspension announcement following shortly after.

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