Report: Eli lets New York hospital off the hook

Eli Manning is going to take a pass on more than a half-million bucks that a New York hospital owes him under terms of a marketing agreement that will be halted.

Manning, who has done promotional work for St. Vincent, a Greenwich Village hospital, since 2006 has released the hospital from its contract, according to a report by the New York Post. St. Vincent faces $700 million in debt and has recently slashed salaries and, worse, jobs in order to remain open. Continuing to pay the Giants quarterback to be a pitch man would have been a problem for the hospital.

"When Eli learned that the hospital was in financial difficulties, he released them from the contract . . . from the monetary agreement," a Manning spokesman told the Post.

Manning has already earned at least $600,000 from the hospital and might be walking away from about that much. Manning and his wife Abby will continue to do some promotional work for the Eli & Abby Manning Birthday Center without compensation.

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