Report: Gruden is top choice for Daniel Snyder

There won’t be any issues with spending if Jon Gruden joins forces with Daniel Snyder.

While the ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach might have felt the squeeze on the pirate ship with the Glazers taking the thrifty approach to business, Gruden could play with Monopoly money in D.C., and Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider reports that Gruden tops the list of coaches that Daniel Snyder is interested in when the boom is lowered on Jim Zorn. Rick Snider calls Gruden the “frontrunner” to be Daniel Snyder’s seventh coach in 11 seasons. We know Zorn isn’t the frontrunner right now with the Redskins wobbling at 2-3.

Gruden has been an instant hit in the “Monday Night Football” booth this season, but the National Football Post reported in August that Gruden consumed himself this summer with staying close to the game for what most consider to be a likely return to the sideline

“He’s still grinding,’’ a source close to Gruden said. “Most guys get fired and they hang out and go golfing. He just wants to talk football. Whether it be a college job or the NFL, he wants to be ready. He’d love to get an NFL job, no question, but he’ll probably be picky a little bit about the job.

“The great thing about his TV gig is he can look at all the tape he wants to, and he’s studying every team in the league,’’ the source added. “I think he’s as passionate about it as he ever has been, but a year from now, that’s what I wonder about. When he jumps into something, he jumps in 100 percent, and he’s got a real passion for everything he does in his life. I think he’s going to be good at commentating. I gotta believe as much time as he’s still studying football, it’s going to help him in broadcasting, but he wants to get back into coaching.’’

Gruden is one of five ex-coaches with at least one Super Bowl ring on the sidelines right now. Mike Holmgren loosely hinted to Peter King of Sports Illustrated that he might like to work on the East Coast. Rick Snyder reports the Redskins tried to lure Bill Cowher before settling on Zorn. Mike Shanahan’s name was thrown around over the weekend as someone Daniel Snyder was targeting. Shanahan would become even more interesting as an option if Gary Kubiak’s staff is fired in Houston after this season. That would give Shanahan the ability to pretty much create an entire staff right there with many people he has already worked with previously in Denver.

But nothing is going to be settled for a while in Washington. Stay tuned.

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