Report: Javon Walker offered to refund Al Davis

The Oakland Raiders have made plenty of head-scratching moves since appearing in Super Bowl XXXVII. Too many to count. But it’s difficult to come up with one that bombed more than the addition of wide receiver Javon Walker, who pocketed $17 million for 15 receptions over the course of two seasons.

Walker batted around his two seasons in Silver and Black and more with in an interview in which he said he’s been paid and he’s willing to play for the minimum. It’s an interview worth checking out.

“I was in an unfortunate situation in Oakland where I got put on the backburner,” Walker told the Web site. “A lot of people know that situation when you go to Oakland so it’s not to no surprise. It wasn’t the right situation for me. When I was in Denver I performed. I was in Green Bay I performed, so now you’re trying to tell me that now I’m in Oakland I can’t perform?

“I never really got a fair chance. I’m not the first athlete who went into Oakland and all of a sudden it looked like his talents have disappeared. We can all remember, you know I’m a huge fan, with Randy Moss. People thought Randy Moss was done and look what happens when he decides to leave.”

He’s right about Moss. But the problem for Walker is he hasn’t performed since 2006 in Denver when he had 69 receptions for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns. Nice numbers. Nothing earth shattering. He was seemingly upset about his pay forever too. And then Walker drops this bombshell: He offered to repay Al Davis. Say what?

“ It wasn’t my fault because obviously the Raiders gave (the contract) to me,” Walker said. “Everybody knows how Al Davis is. What fans don’t realize is when I signed that contract I offered to give it back. I don’t take money just to take it. They said no.

“I didn’t go into Oakland like (Bernie) Madoff. Somebody has got to give it to you, and they gave it to me. Last year, they didn’t put me on the field so if anybody “made-off” it was Oakland. People were wondering why I wasn’t dressing, well you know what, I couldn’t tell you. They just decided not to utilize my talent the way it needed to be utilized.”

Walker, who was released earlier this month, said he would take a minimum contract to go out and prove he’s still got it at 31. We don’t see any takers lining up for those services at this point, and he has durability issues as well.

“Come the 2010 season people are going to say ‘Wow, this is the kid we remember,’ and I’m going to sit back and say, ‘Hey, this was always here.’”

We’ll be the first to credit him if that happens. Seems like wishful thinking. Stay tuned.

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