Report: Saints to talk to Bill Parcells today

Bill Parcells and the New Orleans Saints are not dance partners at this point.

But they’re going to talk about it.

The idea that was floated here last Thursday after we kept hearing that it was the chatter in NFL coaching circles is growing more and more into a real possibility. Parcells and the Saints will meet today in Florida to discuss the idea of the retired coach getting back into the game as an interim head coach for the New Orleans Saints while Sean Payton is suspended for the 2012 season beginning April 1. The meeting was reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Nothing has happened and reports cast doubt on whether or not Parcells is actually interested in taking the potential job. But Payton is close with Parcells and it makes far too much sense for the Saints to not at least explore the possibility.

Payton is still deciding whether or not to appeal his suspension, and a decision will come within days. The Saints also need to figure out how they’re going to proceed when he is out and when general manager Mickey Loomis is suspended for the first eight weeks of the regular season. They’re being punished for the club’s role in the bounty system Gregg Williams ran in New Orleans.

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