Rex: No more Super Bowl guarantees

INDIANAPOLIS _ New York Jets coach Rex Ryan took the podium on Thursday at the NFL Combine and admitted wrongdoing.

Ryan said he never should have guaranteed a Super Bowl appearance for the Jets last season, something he did at the 2011 Combine.

"First off, I know what everybody's thinking: The return to the infamous Super Bowl guarantee was here. But in all seriousness, looking back it was a huge mistake to make that guarantee," Ryan said. "At the time, we were coming off two championship games and I really thought it would be a thing that would motivate our team, to really talk about the Super Bowl and focus on the Super Bowl. But in hindsight, I think it really put undue pressure on our team. We lost focus and really lost focus on what we do best.

"It was obviously a big mistake. When I go back and look at it, it's something that contributed to the season we had. It's something I take responsibility for. It's something I've been thinking about a great deal. Obviously, we had a terrible season and I'll take full responsibility for it."

Ryan touched on other topics regarding a dysfunctional 8-8 season for the Jets, saying he was "angered' by that backup quarterback Greg McElroy made regarding the selfishness in the New York locker room.

He also tried to downplay the Peyton Manning to the Jets talk, saying Manning was "under contract" still with the Colts, but didn't wipe out the possibility completely, because he said the Jets would make evaluations at every position, though he has confidence in his current quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Ryan said he would make no more promises or guarantees, only that the Jets would be a "team" and "have potential to do great things."

He also admitted he didn't like new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano when Sparano was head coach of the Miami Dolphins, but that they talk about an hour a day now.

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