RG-3 thinks game will slow down for him

There is no benefit to Robert Griffin III being sidelined this spring as he recovers from a knee reconstruction.

But one of the things he’s been able to do more is study his game in the film room. That will help the Washington Redskins quarterback if it helps him change the way he plays.

A lot of film work, watching the film – alone and with the coaches, within the rules of the CBA,” Griffin said after the team’s OTA today, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “That part of it helps, and I was talking to the guys about (it) toward the end of last year, being slowed down kind of slowed the game down for me, because I had to slow down, and it made me have to get through all of my reads. That’s what I’m getting forward to doing this upcoming season: getting through every single option that I need to get through, and while at the same time, being able to use my legs as a weapon.”

There is plenty Griffin can learn as a young quarterback with just one season of experience. He can learn defenses better. He can understand coverages and how they work against certain plays. It should all help him react more quickly. But most would agree he needs to play smarter in terms of keeping himself from being hit hard in the open field so often. He’s said he is not going to change how he plays but he can still be a dynamic athlete and be a little smarter.

Griffin completed more than 65 percent of his passes last season which was a fine start.

“I’m not a big stat-guy … but for me personally, you just work on everything: footwork, you can always be more accurate,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve seen anyone complete 100 percent of their passes throughout a whole season, so you can always do that. For me, the biggest part was mastering the offense first, so I can continue to beat teams with my mind and get guys in the right position. Really, it’s about getting the guys around you to play better, and play for you.”

We’ll see how he does when he returns this season against what will be a challenging schedule.

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