Rookies who won’t live up to the hype

Every year, there are a number of highly touted draft picks who join an organization but fail to live up to expectations. Today, the National Football Post breaks down this year’s rookie crop and looks at players who might end up joining that group.


QB Colt McCoy, Cleveland Browns
A smart, athletic quarterback who can move around in the pocket and make plays on the move. But he lacks a great arm and doesn’t have the skill set needed to get the football down the field once the weather turns frigid in Cleveland.

RB Joe McKnight, New York Jets
I know McKnight is going to have a specified role in the Jets offense. But the idea that he’s just as dynamic with the football in his hands and can easily take the place of RB Leon Washington is simply not the case in my opinion.

WR Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks
He’s undersized and isn’t as fluid or explosive as many are making him out to be. Looks like nothing more than a slot guy at the next level who can create after the catch.

WR Damian Williams, Tennessee Titans
I like his polish and overall coordination as a route runner, but he doesn’t display the type of burst or physicality needed to consistently beat press and generate separation vs. man. Doesn’t look like a guy who can start on the outside in the NFL.

TE Andrew Quarless, Green Bay Packers
There’s no doubt the guy possesses the athleticism to get down the seam and make plays vertically in the pass game. However, I have concerns about his maturity level as he just doesn’t seem to “get it” at this stage.

OL Trent Williams, Washington Redskins
He simply doesn’t seem comfortable when asked to redirect back inside and gives up far too much pressure in pass protection for a guy drafted fourth overall.

OL Anthony Davis, San Francisco 49ers
I love his physical skill set and think he’s as talented as any lineman in the draft. But immaturity issues and overall passion are the two main reasons I don’t think he’ll ever maximize his potential in the NFL.

OL Sam Young, Dallas Cowboys
He’s possesses a tall, long frame but struggles to play with any kind of bend or leverage on contact and might have a tough time even making a roster.

OL Joe Hawley, Atlanta Falcons
If the Falcons where searching for a future starter at center, I think they took the wrong guy with Matt Tennant still on the board. Hawley looks like nothing more than a backup-type lineman at the next level.

OL Selvish Capers, Washington Redskins
A gifted athlete with a good-looking frame, but he struggles to play with any kind of base and/or leverage at the point and will also likely have a tough time making a roster.


DL Earl Mitchell, Houston Texans
Mitchell looks more like a solid rotational lineman who will be at his best when asked to shoot gaps and rush the passer on third down. However, I don’t think he has the girth or lower body power to mature into a starter inside.

DL D’Anthony Smith, Jacksonville Jaguars
He’s impressive in space and knows how to slip blocks when rushing the passer. But any time he’s asked to play in a phone both vs. either the pass or run game, he isn’t nearly as effective.

DL Torell Troup, Buffalo Bills
A linear athlete who can be stout inside, but I have a feeling the Bills will be kicking themselves down the line for passing on Terrence Cody.

DL Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants
His skill set is tremendous, but he still wasn’t even able to dominate NCAA-level talent last season. It’s going to be a lot tougher than many think for him to reach his ceiling.

LB Sergio Kindle, Baltimore Ravens
If you want to get after the passer consistently in the NFL, you have to be more than a one-trick pony, and at this stage that’s all Kindle is.

LB Navorro Bowman, San Francisco 49ers
Showcases impressive range but isn’t real physical inside the box or as a tackler and has some maturity issues that scare me.

LB Keenan Clayton, Philadelphia Eagles
A gifted size/speed athlete, but he just doesn’t strike me as anything more than a special teams guy at the next level.

DB Patrick Robinson, New Orleans Saints
Isn’t real technically sound or instinctive and seems like a guy who will be responsible for giving up his share of big plays in man coverage this year.

DB Taylor Mays, San Francisco 49ers
I don’t exactly know what the expectations are for this kid, but if it’s anything more than a two-down, in-the-box safety, the results won’t be pretty.

DB Kam Chancellor, Seattle Seahawks
See Taylor Mays.

DB Myron Lewis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I like his size and physical nature, but he consistently allows himself to get too upright in his drop and fails to quickly redirect and close on the ball. Will struggle if left alone on an island.

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