Rumor Nation

Let’s check out what we are hearing from our network of connections throughout the league: rumors, chatter and speculation.

…We're hearing that veteran defensive end Trevor Pryce isn't likely to be back with the Ravens next season.

…We’re hearing that the Bills are looking offense. They want someone who can identify and develop a franchise QB and work cheap, and not be concerned about having a 91-year-old owner and a team that could be moved anywhere at any time. That leaves Billick, Martz and Weis as the three people who fit those criteria. Buffalo tried to hire Weis six years ago and couldn't afford him. Now ND is paying him so it doesn't matter.

…We're hearing that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis still bristles at how owner Mike Brown runs the organization, especially the lack of spending in the scouting department.

…We're hearing that there's very little chance that Shawne Merriman is back with the San Diego Chargers next season with GM A.J. Smith ready to move on.

... We’re hearing that Ralph Wilson is focusing on a GM hire first since he now realizes he’s going to need more help in finding a coach.

…Don't be surprised if former Dolphins and Saints GM Randy Mueller, currently working for the Chargers — specifically for AJ Smith — gets some serious consideration to get back to a GM post. He was the executive of the year in 2000 for the Saints, but he was submarined by Nick Sabin in Miami. He was the only other GM who aggressively pursued Drew Brees. Holmgren is a Randy Mueller fan.

…We’re hearing that Matt Roth may have found a permanent home in Cleveland. He actually likes his role there, likes his teammates and his teammates love his aggressive style. He's been a small spark

…We’re hearing that Jim Haslett has been discussed as a possible candidate in Buffalo.

…We’re hearing that if Lovie Smith is canned, Ron Rivera will be a serious candidate in Chicago. He is loved, appreciated and is sorely missed. He's doing a good job in San Diego.

…We’re hearing that for the first time that anyone can remember, Seattle's owner Paul Allen is personally getting involved in evaluating his staff and front office from head to toe. He's asking questions.

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