Satan works through media according to Zack Follett

If Zack Follett would have just said he made a poor choice of words when he called teammate Matthew Stafford a “china doll,” the story would have gone away quickly.

But now the Detroit Lions linebacker has taken to the Internet with a homemade video to explain how his words were taken out of context. In the 4 minute, 59 second video, Follett explains how Satan is working through the media to bring him down. No, this kind of wacky offseason fodder cannot be made up and the video is right here if you want to watch it yourself.

After Follett said what basically everyone thinks on a Fresno, Calif., radio station, he quickly backpedaled in interviews with various outlets. Follett said if he had it to do over again, he wouldn’t have called the often-injured Stafford a china doll.

It became a hot-button radio topic in Motown and veteran beat writer Tom “Killer” Kowalski spent much of the afternoon on the radio. Kowalski largely defended Follett saying that Stafford’s injury history – he has missed 19 games over the past two seasons – made the china doll comment truthful. Kowalski noted that Follett didn’t challenge Stafford’s ability, leadership, toughness or anything like that, and basically said much was being made of nothing.

The conversation continued and eventually Kowalski made the point that if Stafford wanted to get back at Follett, he could point out that he’ll be on the roster next season and the linebacker is likely done after suffering a neck injury this past season. Well, that set Follett off and led him to refer to Satan on 12 occasions in his video if you don’t want to score it at home yourself.

“I had an interview go bad, things got taken out of context about me referring to Matthew Stafford as a china doll,” Follett said. “If you would have listened to the rest of the interview, I praised what a good quarterback he is but that just shows you media gets something and runs with it.”

Then, Follett pointed out it was just one of the many ways Satan works.

“Last night, he’s been attacking me through lust,” Follett said. “Trying to bring girls, he knows that that is every guy’s weakness. And I prayed to God and with the power of Jesus Christ, I do no longer have that temptation through a trial God put me through. I went to bed last night not even tripping, you know what I mean, off a lust thought. Praise Jesus. Well now, Satan is like, ‘How else can I get this dude, Z? OK, work through the media.’”

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