Sick stuff: Tiki Barber compares himself to Anne Frank

Remember when Tiki Barber used to have a fumbling problem?

That issue has been surpassed by his acute struggle to keep his cleats out of his mouth.

What else can you say after his latest error in judgment? Barber, who left his wife Ginny when she was pregnant with twins, explains what he and his girlfriend Traci Johnson have done to avoid scrutiny of late in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. And Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post blisters Barber for it right here.

The former New York Giants running back tells SI how he and Johnson have moved into the attic of his agent Mark Lepselter.

“Lep's Jewish,” Barber is quoted as saying, “and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

Say what?

The Frank family, of course, was forced to hide from Nazis for two years during World War II. Anne Frank eventually died in a concentration camp.

Barber? He’s just been roundly criticized for walking away from his young family. He's also been criticized for his poor work on television. But Anne Frank? No.

The running back is hoping to make a comeback this season. He seemingly needs a great deal of PR help. Is it possible he’s moved in with Lepselter because he’s running out of money? You know, instead of fearing for his life and safety?

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