Something smells awful in San Francisco

Something is going on in San Francisco and it’s either going to be the kind of issue that tears apart the 49ers before the season gets to the midway point or it will be a galvanizing force.

You better bet the Niners are hoping for the latter after the team was dismantled in last Sunday’s opener at Seattle. The offense was mess and to briefly recap the 49ers were called for delay of game three times in the first half and they wasted three timeouts, ostensibly because of communication issues.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports wrote a scathing description of the situation, which basically described a broken process in which offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye tries to get the plays in. Quarterback Alex Smith complained about it after the game and when the team returned to San Francisco Sunday night, coach Mike Singletary made the unorthodox move of calling a team meeting.

Now, Singletary is angry and he said he smells a rat. You might recall he smelled a rat when he took over as the coach during the 2008 season and dropped his pants at halftime for a speech to his players and coaches during the middle of another spanking from the Seahawks. Singletary didn’t find a rat then, and good luck to him finding one this time around.

Singletary backed Raye but David White of the San Francisco Chronicle detailed an amusing Q&A today, you know, as long as you’re not the rat.

"As a head coach, one of the most important things I need to do is decide where I spend my time. The time that I have, I need to think about certain things,” Singletary said. “What's in that article, the thing that I always strive to do is deal with men. If a man has something to say, he's going to find a way to come and tell you. I don't want to deal with a rat. I don't want to spend my time trying to find out who said this, who did that. The article is not factual, No. 1. Number 2, I don't want to spend my time trying to find a rat. In time, the smell will come. If the rat is in the building, it will show but I'm not going to go try and find it."

Say what?

"I believe in our country, in society, the saddest thing has happened,” Singletary said. “One thing that I want to teach our guys is to be men. If there's something that you have to say, go say it, and say that you said it. But don't go say a bunch of stuff, 'But don't tell him I said it.' To me, that's a rat, that's a coward, so those things I can't spend my time on.

"Wherever that story came from, I don't believe it's in the building, but if it is, it will find itself out in time. Am I pissed off about it? I would say this, it's just something that's disappointing. Pissed off maybe is a little more immediate reaction. You're just disappointed something like that is written."

White reports that Singletary has yet to decide where Raye will call plays from on Sunday. Whatever happens in the game against the New Orleans Saints, the 49ers better be more efficient in the communication department.

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