Speculation is Eagles could get in Asomugha sweepstakes

The Philadelphia Eagles have already spent big on one cornerback with Asante Samuel, and now the buzz there is the club could be setting its sights on Nnamdi Asomugha, who could be the jewel of the free-agent market this year.

The Eagles obviously struggled in the secondary at times last season, and injuries played a part in much of that. Team president Joe Banner maintains that because of the way the franchise has handled contracts, the Eagles should be in excellent position to add some big contracts, they want, based on the new salary cap that is expected to come in play with a new CBA.

It’s all speculation at this point, but the Eagles would be an interesting suitor for the services of Asomugha.

“If we went or didn't go in any particular direction it wouldn't be because of the balance of the cap at that particular position," Banner said, according to Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"There may be opportunities to get some great players that can make a difference at large salaries," Banner added. "There may be an opportunity to get some guys that are very good players but, because there are so many free agents at once, are very good values, and we're going to try to be in a position to take advantage of.

"If there's truly 500 new free agents, there's no doubt there are going to be some value opportunities. There just aren't that many teams with that much cap room with that many needs to absorb that many players at once.”

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