Steve Young: P. Manning at a "new level"

Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young paid homage to Denver quarterback Peyton Manning this week for essentially taking the art of quarterback and the communication with receivers “to a new place.”
While doing promotional work with Jerry Rice for the Van Heusen “Institute of Style,” Young talked about how Manning has redefined how he communicates with his receivers.

“Peyton has taken the job of quarterback and taken it to a new place. He has expanded upon the relationship between quarterback and receiver to the point that they do all their work in April and May and essentially do it without a coach,” Young said. “By taking the coach out of the equation, the group of them can work on adjustments and work on communication on the field that is honestly beyond a little bit what we have ever contemplated.

“That’s why I give him credit for taking the game a little bit further. We had great communication between Jerry and I, but I can’t imagine what it would be like if we could make in-game adjustments, even in-route adjustments (the way Manning and his receivers do). We had adjustments on routes and great communication, but like anything, it took a little more innovation (and time). What they’re doing today, I really admire.”

Young and Rice have been worked with Van Heusen for years. For Rice, it’s particularly appropriate because of how finicky he would be about his uniform on game day. Rice would often check how his uniform looked multiple times before going on the field.

“When I played for the 49ers, I felt there was a way that you had to present yourself when you went out on the field. I think it’s the same thing with Van Heusen,” Rice said.

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