Steven Jackson pledges to be same player after back surgery

The St. Louis Rams kicked off OTA’s on Tuesday with running back Steven Jackson spending a portion of the day riding an exercise back.

Jackson is sidelined following surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back, but he vowed to be ready for training camp. Jackson said he played roughly half of last season in pain as he rambled his way to 1,416 yards, the only effective cog on offense for the team.

He hoped the issue would go away with rest but when that didn’t happen, and after he had consulted multiple specialists, the decision was made to have surgery April 15.

"It was really tough," Jackson said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "The pain, it was there; it was there all the way until the surgery. And it's a different type of pain. Muscle pain, I've been able to deal with that. But nerve pain, it just doesn't go away.

"Anybody who's had a back problem knows it's a different monster."

Jackson is confident he will return as good as before but back surgeries can be tricky. He can feel fine doing work in the pool now and riding the stationary back. It will be another thing to take hits on more than 30 plays in a game. He might not find out truly how he is going to be until the regular season gets going.

"Whenever my time comes for me to suit up, I'll be ready," he said. "I play with reckless abandonment. I'm going to play football the only way I know how. I wouldn't be doing myself justice if I tried to alter my game. I feel like what you get is what you get when you see me.”

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