Tannehill was kept from running early on

Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill broke an impressive 48-yard run off a read-option play Sunday at Pittsburgh and has run more effectively over the past four games than at any time in his first two seasons.

In the past four games, Tannehill has run 13 times for 135 yards compared to 23 runs for only 85 yards in the first nine games. As a rookie, Tannehill rushed 49 times for 211 yards. Tannehill was an option quarterback in high school and played wide receiver during his first two seasons at Texas A&M.

Yet, not having him run more has been part of the plan all along, Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said.

“I wanted to make sure that we developed his skills as a quarterback,” Sherman said. “He’s going to be recognized as a pocket quarterback before he’s going to be recognized in this offense as a running quarterback.”

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