Teammate says lot of stuff you hear about Haynesworth is true

Earlier this week, Jim Haslett went on the radio in St. Louis and skewered one of his own players, defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth.

The Washington Redskins defensive coordinator described, in pretty good detail, the daily battle the team goes through to get Haynesworth to actually perform any work and, you know, pay attention.

It’s easy for people to pile on Haynesworth these days. He’s coming off the worst season in his professional career and he’s had an offseason of legal issues tailing him. And now along comes Redskins teammate Vonnie Holliday to more or less confirm every bit of what Haslett said. That debunks any conspiracy theories out there that the coaches are the ones after Haynesworth.

The lastest example comes from the folks at Pickled Hogs Radio, who did a podcast interview with Holliday. You can check out the Pickled Hogs folks right here.

“You know I did get a chance to see (Haslett’s comments) and I was a little surprised by that,” Holliday said. “I know there’s not a lot of talk going on in football right now, but to have that candid of a conversation, by the defensive coordinator, I was a little surprised. I know we’ve had those conversations before. I was certainly surprised that he went on and was that frank about things. We all know what kind of guy Albert is. And problems that he’s had with the Redskins. You know a lot of stuff unfortunately that you hear is true, it is.

“Here’s a guy Albert Hanesworth, the disappointing part of Albert is … this guy could be one of the most dominating defensive players to play the game. And it’s unfortunate that all of this side-stuff distracted him from, not only to be the most highest paid defensive player, he’s a high-profile guy. And it’s mostly because of negative stuff, bad stuff, it’s not about what he’s doing on the field. When this guy makes up his mind to do so, he can dominate a game. You know you saw it last year in the Chicago game, he got mad, he went out, they put him in some good situations and he played the way you expect a guy you paid that kind of money to play.

“When you go on the field I just need to know that I’m going to get your best effort. You are going to give me 100 percent. And I can depend on you and you are going to be accountable and I’m going to give the same – that’s all I can ask. And that’s been my only problem with Albert, cause that has not been the case.”

Makes you wonder what they’ll be say about Haynesworth after he’s gone, doesn’t it?

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