The Best Fake Rivalries That Don't And Probably Won't Exist In College Football

Recently, we discussed the best current rivalries in college football. Those rivalries, unlike the fictional Civil Conflict between UConn and UCF that UConn head coach Bob Diaco created (see picture above), are real and are played every single year with the teams knowing that their opposition is a rival. 

Well now, thanks to Coach Diaco's creativity and enthusiasm to create a spark with the Huskies, along with's random rivalry generator, we've decided to bring you some fake rivalries that would either be hilarious or an actual good game to see.

1. Florida vs. Ohio State in the "Let's Stay Together for the Kids" Game

Urban Meyer leaving Florida was one thing. Urban Meyer heading to Ohio State a year later gave every Gator fan a reason to resent and dislike the coach who had just led the team to two national titles in his tenure down in the Swamp. Starting a rivalry between these two programs would no doubt be one of the must-watch games every fall. Sure Florida is on a downswing now after treading water during the Will Muschamp era, and even though the offense is on life support, the defense is stronger than ever and that alone could make this game interesting. 

Meyer's juggernaut of an offense ran right past everyone in route to a national championship last season, scoring no less than 42 points in its last five games, while putting up over 500 yards of total offense in four of those games. Over Florida's last six games of the season, the Gators didn't give up more than 24 points. This is not only a chance for Florida fans to get revenge on the coach they feel wronged them, but it's also a chance for Ohio State to show that it can dominate another SEC team.

2. Army vs. Georgia Southern in the "What's a Pass?" Game

You say you love big time offenses that love to air it out 30-40 times a game? You say you love offensive powerhouses that throw the deep ball and have the best playmakers that know how to go up and get the ball? Well you won't find it in this rivalry! Two offenses predicated on running the option, what could be more exciting to watch? 

While this is all in good fun, Georgia Southern isn't just a throwaway team. Just ask the Florida Gators, who saw firsthand what Georgia Southern could do without throwing a single pass. The Eagles also won the Sun Belt Conference regular season championship, going 8-0 in their first season as not only members of the conference, but also as first-time members of the FBS.

3. Boise State vs. Eastern Washington in the "My Blue Field is Better Than Your Red Field" Game

Boise State, while known mostly for its trickery on offense and being the small guy that can beat the big uglies, is also known for the field on which it plays its home games. The Broncos' blue home turf has garnered just as much notoriety as the team itself. It's certainly something that is truly unique to the college landscape. 

But then there's Eastern Washington who said, "I'll raise you your blue turf for an even more obnoxious red one." Eastern Washington is one of the better FCS programs and isn't afraid to stand toe-to-toe with any of the foes it faces from the FBS, having beaten Oregon State and Idaho in recent years, and nearly upsetting Washington last season. 

Getting these two teams together year-in and year-out would not only make for an entertaining game, but would also put a spotlight on the unique home turf that each team boasts.

4. UConn vs. North Carolina in the "Our Schools Only Know How to Play Basketball" Game

As implied in the name, this game stems from the fact that no matter how good the football programs may be, basketball will always reign supreme. These programs are marked as "basketball" schools for a reason. North Carolina has won five national titles and 29 regular season ACC titles in basketball, while just winning nine ACC titles in football. 

UConn, meanwhile, has won just two Big East titles in football and both of those times they were co-champions. In basketball, however, the school has won four national championships, while winning 10 regular season Big East titles. Neither of these schools will be a football powerhouse in the near future, but at least this gives Coach Diaco the rivalry game he's always wanted and North Carolina an easy W on the schedule in order to become bowl eligible.

5. Memphis vs. Texas in the "Better BBQ Shootout"

Part of the college football culture is all of the amazing tailgates and different cuisines associated with each unique campus. So what's more American than creating a football rivalry that centers around BBQ? Not only would the food be amazing at each venue, but the competition between the two schools would be fun to watch as well. 

Memphis won a share of the American Athletic Conference last season and Texas is back on the upswing after Charlie Strong has taken over the program. While the players will be fighting over the pigskin, fans will be fighting over who can roast a pig the best. Hmmmm football and BBQ, I don't think you can go wrong with this game.

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