The NFP Power Rankings

Every week, the National Football Post gives you our weekly power rankings: a rundown of the league.

Week 8 (previous rankings included)

1. (1) New Orleans Saints: 6-0
If you didn’t think that the Saints were a complete team, then their
second half explosion against the Dolphins took care of that.

2. (2) Indianapolis Colts: 6-0
The schedule is laid out for Indy to rest their starters in December.

3. (3) Denver Broncos: 6-0
Denver starts a brutal stretch of their schedule with the Ravens and follows up with the Steelers next week.

4. (6) New England Patriots: 5-2
Where is the panic in New England? The Pats are back where they belong—atop the AFC East.

5. (8) Pittsburgh Steelers: 5-2
The Steelers are making plays once again on defense—and that isn’t good for the rest of the AFC North.

6. (4) Minnesota Vikings: 6-1
A win at Lambeau will separate Favre and the Vikings from the rest of the NFC North. A loss and that division is up for grabs.

7. (9) Arizona Cardinals: 4-2
The Cardinals’ defense shut down Eli Manning on the road, and the running game is finding its way into the game plan.

8. (10) Cincinnati Bengals: 5-2
The Bengals continue to impress after carving up the Bears. They are dangerous when Cedric Benson can run the ball.

9. (11) Dallas Cowboys: 4-2
Are the Cowboys the new favorite in the NFC East? Tony Romo looks like a different quarterback with Miles Austin making plays.

10. (5) New York Giants: 5-2
Suddenly, the Giants look vulnerable on defense—and this team is sliding down the boards.

11. (7) Atlanta Falcons: 4-2
The Falcons and Matt Ryan need to see more production from Michael Turner if they want to compete with the Saints—who they meet on Monday night.

12. (12) Philadelphia Eagles: 4-2
The Eagles continue to rely on the big play to score points. Will that last into November and December?

13. (14) Green Bay Packers: 4-2
Aaron Rodgers is playing at a high level, but none of that matters if he loses to Favre again this Sunday at home.

14. (19) Houston Texans: 4-3
For the third straight week, the Texans shut down the running game with their front seven on defense. Can we buy them yet?

15. (18) New York Jets: 4-3
Mark Sanchez isn’t an issue when you run for 300-plus yards for the second straight week.

16. (16) Baltimore Ravens: 3-3
The Ravens get back to work at home against Denver—and their corners will be tested yet again, this time by Brandon Marshall and Kyle Orton.

17. (13) San Francisco 49ers: 3-3
The Niners are on to something with Alex Smith at quarterback. They looked like a different team.

18. (20) San Diego Chargers: 3-3
The Chargers won a game they were supposed to win. Now, can they do it against the rest of the AFC?

19. (15) Chicago Bears: 3-3
What happened in Cincy? Lovie Smith’s defense is now an issue to go along with Matt Forte and the running game.

20. (21) Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-3
Which Jaguars team will we see in Nashville? The good or the bad?

21. (17) Miami Dolphins: 2-4
For the second time this season, the Dolphins collapsed in the fourth quarter at home.

22. (25) Buffalo Bills: 3-4
The Bills have forced 10 turnovers in the last two games—and have won two in a row for Dick Jauron.

23. (23) Seattle Seahawks: 2-4
Seattle returns to action with a must game in Dallas they have to win to keep pace with Arizona and San Fran.

24. (22) Carolina Panthers: 2-4
It is time to make a change down in Carolina—Jake Delhomme just isn’t getting it done for the Panthers.

25. (24) Oakland Raiders: 2-5
The JaMarcus Russell experiment in Oakland needs to take a break—he takes a step back every game he plays.

26. (26) Detroit Lions: 1-5
The hope for the Lions is that Matthew Stafford can find a way to get back on the field—and avoid losing at home to the Rams.

27. (27) Kansas City Chiefs: 1-6
Matt Cassel hasn’t produced and Larry Johnson is throwing Todd Haley under the bus. An ugly situation in KC.

28. (28) Washington Redskins: 2-5
The Redskins look like a team that is lost—and the schedule only gets tougher next month.

29. (29) Cleveland Browns: 1-6
Is Brett Ratliff the answer to the Browns’ quarterback issues? Why not? They can’t get any worse.

30. (30) Tennessee Titans: 0-6
The owner wants Vince Young to play, and now Jeff Fisher has to make some decisions.

31. (31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 0-7
This season never started for the Bucs. It is time to play some young talent and get ready for the offseason.

32. (32) St. Louis Rams: 0-7
The Rams have a long way to go before they can compete with the league’s best as we saw Sunday against Indy.

Upcoming Games

Aug 5th, 8:00 PM

Dallas +1.5 -110

Pittsburgh -1.5 -110


Aug 12th, 7:30 PM

Washington -2.5 -110

New England +2.5 -110


Aug 12th, 7:30 PM

Pittsburgh +1 -110

Philadelphia -1 -110