Theismann: Haynesworth 'offers nothing as a person'

This right here is why Joe Theismann deserves a job back in a major network broadcast booth. He calls it like he sees it.

The former MVP with the Washington Redskins came out firing fastballs on Wednesday at Albert Haynesworth on Sirius NFL Radio. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post caught the interview and deserves a tip of the cap for spreading the word, or Theismann’s words.

“Lets just put it out there, we're not looking at Albert Haynesworth as a very standup individual, OK?” Theismann said. “So the fact that he took the money, which he had rightfully coming to him, doesn't surprise me. But I remember last year sitting down with him before the season, when he signed the big contract, and everybody talked about, `Hey look, are you gonna be a guy who gets the money and runs?’ And he told me point blank, he said, `I want to be not just the best defensive player on the field but the best player on the field.’

“The one thing he left out in the conversation I think should have been, `I want to be the best player on the field, and if I can't be where I want to be, then screw everybody else.’ And that's in essence what he's done.

“He's not a team player," Theismann continued. “He doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself, which has become painfully obvious. And you know what? Albert doesn't care what anybody says. He's pocketed $21 million. If anybody would look at this situation, you'd have to say it's all about the money, it’s not about the love of the game. He pulled the classic wool over peoples' eyes: Play really well in your final year of a contract as a free agent, get somebody to pony up a lot of money that needs you in the system that they're running -- which the Redskins did in a 4-3 -- and then show us really what kind of character and individual you are.

“And he's classless, OK? I mean, there's nothing else that you can say, but the man has very little respect for teammates, very little respect for anyone. Last year at the end of the season, he chose to stay home on Christmas Day open presents and not go to work when every other member of the football team had to go. That, to me, spoke volumes about Albert Haynesworth. You have a person that the Redskins are gonna be much better without than with.”

In defense of Haynesworth, he did show up on Christsmas Day. At his own leisure. Haynesworth was upset at the time practice started that day. The Redskins wanted to get in and out so players and team employees could then spend the day with their families. Upset with this, Haynesworth openly lobbied teammates in the locker room the day before to show up late, league sources told the National Football Post. The coaching staff caught wind of Haynesworth’s efforts and when he showed up late on Christmas Day, Haynesworth was sent home.

“He really offers nothing as a person, as a player, as a teammate,” Theismann said. “The only thing this big man has is a big bank account, and good for him, I guess. If you're a selfish individual -- which Albert has proven to be -- he played this thing absolutely perfect for him. Take the money, so what if I play, so what if I don't play, I really don't care anymore? And truthfully, he doesn't really care about playing football."

Theismann believes that Haynesworth will be an ex-Redskin before the season begins. Stay tuned.

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