Tim Hightower trying to deal with fumbling issues

Tim Hightower’s familiar fumbling problem reared its head again last Sunday in the season opener for the Arizona Cardinals as the running back put the ball on the ground two times.

That gives him nine fumbles in 33 regular-season games. Six of the fumbles have been turnovers and keep in mind that in most of those games the Cardinals were pass happy.

As Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports, Hightower has not dodged the issue. He’s been upfront about it all week, but what can you say when you’re fumbling once every 44.4 touches?

“I can't say, 'It's just football, it happens,’” Hightower said. “Because that's my job. My job is to hold on that football. My job is to make plays. My job is to run the football and be successful at it.
"You can try to analyze it, try to break it down, slow it down, rewind it, pause it and do all that stuff," he said, "but at the end of the day you've got to find a way to get it done."

What has to make it more aggravating for the Cardinals is ball security is the same issue that plagues their other running back, Beanie Wells. What do you do when you don’t have a back you can depend on to secure the football as you’re trying to run out the clock in a four-minute offense?

The Cardinals don’t believe Hightower is sloppy with the ball. They’re hoping it’s maybe a situation where he’s just trying too hard. He’ll be a target, that much is for sure. So will Wells.

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