Top seed, all divisions in play in NFC

After winning Monday night, San Francisco still has a chance to secure the top seed in the NFC playoff as all four divisions will be decided in the final weekend of the season. The 49ers travel to Arizona for their season finale after securing a playoff berth with a win over Atlanta. Arizona is also clinging to playoff hopes. If the Cardinals win and New Orleans loses, Arizona would advance to the playoffs.

However, the 49ers could get the top seed in the NFC if they win, Seattle loses at home against St. Louis and Carolina loses. That would give the 49ers the NFC West crown.

Carolina can also get the top seed if it wins, San Francisco wins and Seattle loses. However, Carolina could also end up as a wild-card team if it loses to Atlanta and New Orleans wins against Tampa Bay. That would give the Saints the NFC South crown.

The Saints, who qualify for the playoffs by winning, could also be knocked out of the playoffs if Arizona wins and the Saints lose.

As for the NFC East and NFC North, those divisions will be decided by head-to-head games between Philadelphia and Dallas and Green Bay and Chicago.

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