Two more Dolphins may speak out against Incognito

Two more Dolphins players are expected to tell an NFL-appointed investigator about behavior by suspended guard Richie Incognito that could be considered hostile, according to two sources.

The players do not want to be named for fear of further upsetting teammates who have publicly backed Incognito in the aftermath of teammate Jonathan Martin leaving the team. However, one of them may tell investigator Ted Wells of a threat of physical intimidation by Incognito. The other player may explain how Incognito requested relatively large sums of money from him for en-tertainment activities.

Both players are concerned about whether their accusations will become public after what Martin has had to endure. Martin has been a target of harsh and sometimes obscene criticism on social media. Both players also believe Martin will have a difficult time returning to the NFL because of the perception of what he has done by leaving the team and publicly describing what happened with Incognito.

Martin spent seven hours meeting with Wells on Friday in New York. Afterward, Martin said in a statement that he hoped to return to his football career.

Returning to the Dolphins is unlikely. The Dolphins locker room has become extremely tense in the aftermath of Martin leaving the team and Incognito being suspended. Incognito’s popularity with many players has made some players concerned about whether they can express their honest opinion about problems they had with him.

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